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Say Goodbye to Imperfections with Squirrel Shine's Professional Paint Correction

At Squirrel Shine, we understand that over time, your vehicle’s paint may become dull, scratched, or faded due to various environmental factors. Our Paint Correction service is designed to restore your car’s original shine by removing scratches, swirl marks, and other blemishes. Using our expertise and the latest technology, we ensure that your car’s paint looks as good as new. So say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a flawless finish with Squirrel Shine’s Paint Correction service.


Restores car by removing any swirls, scratches, or oxidation from the paint's surface.


We revise the resale value of your vehicle with paint correction so that you can get more money for it.


Save your paints from becoming damaged by environmental factors and surface imperfections.


Restores car by removing any swirls, scratches, or oxidation from the paint's surface.


We revise the resale value of your vehicle with paint correction so that you can get more money for it.


Save your paints from becoming damaged by environmental factors and surface imperfections.

How We Do it

Paint Enhancement (One-Stage)
Our paint enhancement service is the ideal choice for car owners looking for a budget-friendly option that provides a noticeable improvement in their vehicle's appearance. This one-stage process focuses on removing most oxidation and minor swirl marks from the paint surface, rejuvenating its luster and restoring a smooth finish. While it may not eliminate all imperfections, our paint enhancement service delivers a significant enhancement, leaving your car looking refreshed and revitalized. With attention to detail and the use of specialized techniques, we bring out the best in your vehicle's paintwork, ensuring a stunning result that fits your budget.
Starting Price $399.99
  • ⏲ Estimated duration: 1 day
Paint Restoration (Multi-Stage)
For car owners seeking the ultimate transformation and impeccable finish, our full paint correction service is the pinnacle of paint restoration. This multi-stage process is designed to address a wide range of paint imperfections, such as swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and more. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques, precision tools, and a meticulous approach to meticulously eliminate defects and restore the paint's clarity, depth, and gloss. Through a series of carefully executed stages, we level the paint surface, remove imperfections, and refine the finish to a showroom-quality shine. The result is a flawlessly corrected paintwork that exudes brilliance and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.
Starting Price $799.99
Paint Correction On Black Vehicle
  • ⏲ Estimated duration: 48 hours
Paint Correction Pricing Table
Packages Paint Enhancement (One Stage) Paint Restoration (Multi-Stage)
Foam bath and hand wash
Rims deep cleaning
Premium tire dressing
Windows and mirrors
Bug removal
Wheels well wash
Polish and protection of exhaust tips
Cleaning of door jambs
Rubber floor mats wash
Interior windows and screens
Exterior plastic dressing
Iron decontamination
Clay bar treatment
Polish and buff painted surfaces
Ceramic wax application
Engine bay detailing
Wet sanding of deep scratches
Stone chip touch-ups
Buff, polish, and jewel paint correction
Professional photography of process and outcome
  • Foam Bath & Hand Wash
  • Deep detail wheels
  • Claybar Decontamination
  • Paint Iron Particles Decontamination
  • Detail Door Jambs
  • Polish Exhaust Tips
  • Condition Tires and Wells
  • Exterior & Interior Glass
  • Paint Inspection
  • Trim Masking
  • Premium Paint Sealant Protection
  • Top of the Line Wax

Experienced Professionals -
Our team has worked with all different types
of car manufacture paints and clear coats.

In the wrong hands, the process of paint correction can do the opposite of restoring your vehicle. This is why at Squirrel Shine, our expertise working with different types of car manufacture paint and clear coats, alongside our professional-grade equipment will make this process 100% safe.

01Fast Turn Around Time

Our fast turnaround time will ensure that you won't be without your vehicle for too long, allowing you to get back to your daily routine with minimal disruption.

02Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with the results, we'll make it right until you feel satisfied.

03Affordable Price Range

We also provide interest-free financing on services such as ceramic coating and paint protection film, as we understand they are expensive.

04Experienced Professionals

Our experienced professionals are trained to provide top-notch detailing services using only the best products and techniques.

aInterior Detailing

bExterior Detailing

cEngine Bay Detailing

dHeadlight Restoration

ePaint Correction

fDealerships / Trucks / Companies

Frequently Asked

What is the Claybar and Iron Decontamination?

Decontamination (sometimes referred to as “decon”) is the process of removing those “things” that do not come off with just a car wash. These contaminants may come in the form of iron deposits, tar, paint overspray, concrete splatter, or sap. This is a crucial pre-paint correction step to deliver the best results.

What is Paint Inspection and Trim Masking?
  1. This is the most crucial step prior to a multi-stage paint correction. The thought of having multiple high speed tools touching the vehicle’s paint surface is often times daunting. While this commonly happens at most dealerships and inexperienced detail shops, here at Squirrel Shine, it is our number one priority to produce the most striking result without creating further damage by incorporating next generation equipment. The vehicle is thoroughly inspected using multiple light sources including high powered LEDs, direct sunlight, and a sun gun to reveal all imperfections. A high powered digital magnifying microscope will be used to look into deeper scratches providing high resolution details at 500x magnification. The next step is to measure the paint’s clear coat using an ultrasonic paint depth meter to make sure there is enough clear coat to work with. This is a very important process and commonly overlooked by most detailing shops. It determines the thickness of the paint and the possibility of burning through the clear coat. 
  2. All panel edges, plastics and sensitive areas will be protected using body safe masking tapes. Another step most detailing shops will ignore. Masking these areas will prevent the buffer from burning through the clear coat, since the paint is always the thinnest towards the edge of the panels.
I took my vehicle to a detailer and the results were horrible. Can you fix it?

We get this all the time. We usually get the vehicle with a bunch of holograms in the paint and wax all in the emblems and honeycomb areas. This is clear signs of an inexperienced detailer with a rotary and a wool pad and with too much compound or polish, and not properly trim masking around vehicle prior to polishing.

How many stages of paint correction do you offer?

Typically, we offer up to 3 stages of paint correction on a vehicle. The first stage is the cutting stage. Here, we use an aggressive cutting pad, typically made of microfiber or wool, along with a cutting compound liquid, to remove heavy defects and swirls from the paint. The next step is polishing. This is done typically using a foam polishing pad, and a liquid polish. This does 2 things, remove more minor swirl marks and scratches, and leave the surface extremely clear and glossy in preparation for coating. The 3rd and final step, which is less common, is ultra fine polishing. This is done with a very very mild polishing pad, and heavy polishing liquid. This is done to further exchange the gloss and overall appearance of the painted surface prior to coating.

My vehicle is brand new, do I need paint correction?

It is a common misconception that a brand new vehicle requires no paint correction and that the paint is fresh from the factory. It is the dealership’s usual practice to do a new car prep before delivering to the customer. Dealerships will always use the fastest and cost effective way to prep the car, which inevitably creates these imperfections. In addition to that, the dealership detailers uses a body shop glaze and a combination of high speed machines with dirty wool pads to create that show car shine under the showroom lights. This merely helps to create extra gloss, hiding all the imperfections remaining. However, this is not always necessary and can be determined on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take and how much do you charge?

Paint Correction normally takes anywhere between six to 30 hours, depending on the vehicle. Price will be determined based on number of hours required, the type of vehicle and customer expectations. We do not give prices for paint correction over the phone, but we can set you up for an in-person appointment to inspect the paint and go from there. [Click here]

Are you insured?

Squirrel Shine business insurance gives you a peace of mind knowing both your property and vehicle are protected.